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Over nearly 20 years as a vocal practitioner, Maxwell has devised a comprehensive method that has helped thousands of singers and actors to transform their singing voice and achieve their goals. 

Drawing elements from techniques including Speech Level Singing, Estill Voice Training, Bel Canto and Alexander Technique and combining these with tools such as straw and cup phonation and resistance band training, Maxwell has created a powerful five-part method that is simple to understand and apply.


Advanced technical training

Maxwell focuses on the fundamental building blocks of good singing technique related to breathing, core muscular support, resonation and placement.
The training is designed to enable artists and actors to:

Build strength and stamina for recording and touring

Extend vocal range

Enhance the color and tone of sound produced

Develop a wide range of vocal qualities

Develop and control the use of vibrato in the voice

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Every song is written for a reason and with a message to convey.
Whether you are performing original material or a cover, Maxwell will help you to understand this message and communicate it effectively so that it touches and moves your audience. We will also work with you to establish stage presence, improve your microphone technique and make a powerful connection with your audience. 

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Performance coaching

Maxwell also offers

Content Production

Maxwell’s studio is equipped to record and film performances, creating material that is ideal for social media content. 

Artist Development

Advice, guidance and mentoring for artists in the early stages of songwriting, recording and performing. 

Practice Materials

Maxwell has an extensive collection of vocal exercises for practice between sessions and to warm up your voice before recording and performing.

Tour support

Preparing and helping artists to protect and maintain their voices through busy tour schedules. 

Vocal Rehabilitation

Maxwell works closely with LA’s top voice doctors and therapists to support clients suffering from vocal injury and burnout.

Out of Session Access

Maxwell will be available for questions, concerns and to help address any vocal issues outside of your training sessions. 

Are you ready to start with your vocal training?
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