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Recording Session

at Playbox Studio, Hollywood

Accelerate your artistry to the next level with this 4-week intensive program with leading vocal coach and artist development consultant, Maxwell David. 

Artist Development Clinic
Summer 2024

Join us this summer for a 4-week intensive program that will provide:

Honest and constructive feedback in a supportive, confidential and creative space. 

Practical guidance to enable you to develop your vocal and performance skills from week to week

Detailed assessment of your original writing with advice for further development

Review of your promotional activities and progression as an artist with guidance for the next steps in your career

In a group of a maximum of 10 recording artists, you will not only receive practical guidance for your work but will also learn from the progress being made by other artists and have the opportunity to collaborate with each other. 

Week 1:  Assessment

Introduce yourself, your work and perform two songs (original or covers) for initial feedback and action points. 

Week 2: Talent incubation

This week we get into the detail and focus on your vocal technique, writing and promotional activities with specific action points for next week. 

Week 3: Artistry acceleration

Having applied the guidance provided in weeks 1&2, we look at what else we can do to make you and your work distinctive and generate the attention you need to cut through. 

Week 4: Review and next steps

To conclude the program, you will perform two songs and set out an action plan for the next steps of your career as a recording artist for final notes from Maxwell and an industry guest. 

Singer Wearing Hat

Tuesdays, 2-4pm, July 23rd-August 13th
$580 per person at Playbox Studio, Hollywood (1253 Vine Street)

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