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Vocal Coaching and Artist Development in Los Angeles



​Powerful training designed to: 

  • Enhance your vocal skills and addresses any weaknesses 

  • Protect your voice from strain and damage 

  • Prepare you for recording and performing 

  • Maximize your stage presence and performance skills

  • Create high quality content for social media

  • Support you with the advice and guidance you need to succeed

'Maxwell is a great vocal coach and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve.'            Alice Lammana, December 2015

Vocal Coaching

Intensive vocal assessment: Maxwell David Music has a reputation for identifying a remarkable level of detail in voices. During your training, we will continuously assess your vocal and performance skills to determine your strengths, weaknesses and key objectives for your sessions.


Effective vocal exercising: Using a wide range of exercises, we will warm and stretch your voice to prepare for training and performance.


Advanced technical training: Whilst drawing on a wide range of vocal pedagogies including Speech Level Singing and Estill Voice Training, we primarily focus on the fundamental building blocks of good singing technique related to breathing, core muscular support, resonation and projection. The training offered is designed to enable students to:

  • Extend your vocal range

  • Enhance the color and tone of sound produced

  • Develop a wide range of vocal qualities and

  • Develop and control the use of vibrato in the voice


Management of vocal health: Our first priority is to care for our clients’ voices and protect them from strain and damage to avoid illness and unnecessary rest periods. We have an excellent track record for protecting voices and handling vocal issues should they arise.


Repertoire rehearsal: We work with a wide range of genres of music including pop, jazz, music theater, classical and opera. Therefore, we are well equipped to coach you to prepare the repertoire of your choice.

Artist Development

Performance coaching: Every song is written for a reason and with a message to convey. We will help you to understand this message and communicate it effectively so that it touches and moves your audience. We will also work with you to establish stage presence and make a powerful connection with your audience. 

Microphone technique: Maxwell's studio is equipped with a microphone for live performance rehearsal. 


Content for social media: In today's fast-moving digital music industry, producing good quality videos for social media on a regular basis is crucial. Maxwell's studio is equipped to recording and film performances, creating material that is ideal for social media content. 


Artist mentoring and career planning: With over 12 years' experience working with recording artists and close relationships with some of the world's most powerful record labels, Maxwell is in a great position to give you the advice and guidance you need to progress your music career. 

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